Bass Flies

Back in the days before internet, email and social media us old guys used to get our vicarious fishing fix watching TV shows like Jimmy Houston Outdoors. Personally I learned quite a bit about fishing watching him wisecrack his way around the south catching mostly largemouth bass. Of all the things learned the one thing that sticks in my mind the most is a statement he used to repeat quite often.
 “If you’re not getting hung up, you’re not fishing where the fish are.”
While I know there are exceptions to that statement it is one of the solid truths of largemouth bass fishing. Big bass do live in tough places and spend much of their time relating to some kind of fly grabbing cover. For conventional gear anglers there are quite a few options for getting into that cover without concerns for getting hung up and losing an expensive lure by using weedless lures. But for fly anglers it's been a different story, the selection of weedless flies has always been much more limited.
As someone who grew up throwing conventional weedless baits into thick cover and dragging bass out without fear of hanging up it has been frustrating since converting to fly fishing decades ago. I'll admit most of those decades have been dedicated to chasing trout but in 2016 a bass chasing situation presented itself that lit a fire under my lazy ass to do something about it.
It’s taken an excessive and obsessive amount of tinkering, tweaking and searching out the right materials and configurations to come up with a full line of flies that are specifically designed to catch big bass in heavy cover. Whether you want to fish heavy weed cover or timber up top, or drag an undulating fly along deep drops through fish attracting cover there’s a fly in this series that will do just that.​

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     The Trespasser is a topwater fly like no other! As the first fly in a series of weedless patterns it is designed to target bass in heavy cover. The unique design allows this fly to slide through any kind of cover you want without concerns about fouling.

      Finally, you can cast into thick cover and get those big bass out!
Trespasser  $6.25

​​Scimitar Minnow

     ​The Scimitar Minnow has an action that imitates an injured baitfish, fishes 90% weedless, comes in a variety of standard colors and can be tied in custom colors of your choice.
Scimitar Minnow  $4.95

Trespass Slider

    This fly has been a long time coming in regard to this website and fly rod bass angling. I have painstakingly worked on this pattern for over 2 years working out the kinks to get the trespass Slider to do exactly what I want it to do. The main attribute that sets this pattern apart from others is that it will swim through any kind of cover where bass can be found lurking. You can cast this fly into weeds, timber, lily pads, you name it, then swim it out without having to worry about fouling on the cover big bass use to stay alive.
Trespass Slider    $8.00

Emotion Detector

    Big fish like big bites and the Emotion Detector is an enticing big bite that has caught largemouth, smallmouth, steelhead and salmon. You love the way this fly swims!
Emotion Detector   $4.50

Sinking Ringo

     Information and photos coming soon.

Baby Ringo

     Information and photos coming soon.
Keep chekcing back, there's more bass fishing goodness on the way!