Panfish and Stillwater Trout Flies

Many an angler has cut their fly fishing teeth, so to speak, on panfish and or stillwater trout before moving on to more glamorous or exotic species and locations; some of us have never moved on. 

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Twisted Damsel

     The Trespasser is a topwater fly like no other! As the first fly in a series of weedless patterns it is designed to target bass in heavy cover. The unique design allows this fly to slide through any kind of cover you want without concerns about fouling.

      Finally, you can cast into thick cover and get those big bass out!
Twisted Damsel $2.40

Scimitar Minnow

     ​The Scimitar Minnow has an action that imitates an injured baitfish, fishes 90% weedless, comes in a variety of standard colors and can be tied in custom colors of your choice.
Scimitar Minnow  $4.95

Shape Shifter

    A killer fly for when the trout are picking off emergant chironomids. More information coming soon.
Shape Shifter  $2.65

Emotion Detector

    Big fish like big bites and the Emotion Detector is an enticing big bite that has caught largemouth, smallmouth, steelhead and salmon. You love the way this fly swims!
Emotion Detector   $4.50