Saltwater Flies
If you're heading for the salt to pursue redfish, speckled trout, or myriad other species I've got you covered when it comes to flies.​​

Over the past few years I've been fortunate to fish with some talented guides and anglers along the Texas coast. In addition to getting me hooked into some spectacular specimens they've shared their favorite flies for pursuing their favorite saltwater fish.
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J J's Crab Cake

     I was introduced to this pattern by i​t's originator Catpain Jeff Johnson of Fly Fish Rockport. It's a pattern that has won me over as a beliver with its ability to fool any fish species on the Texas flats and I'm pretty sure anywhere else gamefish cruise shallow saltwater.
J J's Crab Cake  $4.50

​​Salty Scimitar

     ​The Salty Scimitar has an action that imitates an injured baitfish, fishes 90% weedless, comes in a variety of standard colors and can be tied in custom colors of your choice.
Salty Scimitar  $5.25
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