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Scimitar Minnow
    Whether you're chasing largemouth, smallmouth, striper, white bass or any other freshwater predator fish, whereever there are shad the Scimitar will definitely help you catch more fish. The big silver eye and combination of flowing body materials make it attractive prey for any predator. The placement and weight of the eye give it an erratic action when stripped. The placement of the materials cause the fly to ride hook point up for optimum hooking and the bucktail across the hook point allows it to fish through almost any kind of cover, so don't hesitate to cast the Scimitar into fish holding cover.

The combination of materials make the Scimitar slow sinking and ideal for fishing shallow water. Fished on a floating line the fly stays within a foot of the surface while being stripped making for some exciting visual takes. Let it sink with its slow, enticing flutter to trigger reaction strikes from hesitant fish. Put it on a sinking or sink-tip line and fish to any depth you wish.

These tasty morsels come in 7 colors and 3 sizes from 1 1/2' to 2 1/2'.
Scimitar Minnow    $5.95 each