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Trespass Slider
     Big bass like big bites to make the energy expenditure worth the effort. They also spend a good amount of time in places that many flies won't go without getting snagged. Several years ago I started tying Emotion Detectors for trout, steelhead and salmon. The swimming action that the tipped, zonker tail created immediately got me to thinking about bass fishing and strikes that tantalizing action could induce. But it wasn't until an encounter in Florida in 2016 that I realized the exposed hook just won't cut it in many situations when chasing bass.
    After over 2 years of experimenting and refining this is the result, a fly that swims with an action like few others and swims through fish holding cover like no other. Give it a cast, I guarantee you'll like it and so will the bass!​​
    At 5 3/4" it's definitely worth the energy expenditure on the part of the bass, especially since you can put it right on their dinner plate.
    Go up top in heavy cover with the cousin to this pattern, the weedless  Trespasser. ​​
Trespass Slider     $8 each
​Midnight Blue