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    Big bass live in the toughest places, that’s how they become big bass. Bass anglers have historically had few options for getting to bass in thick cover when it comes to casting flies. How many times have you cast a big hair popper into tight cover where you just know there has to be a big bass but instead of catching that bass you foul on the cover you’re sure is holding the fish? Well no more!

Whether you’re fishing lily pads, shallow grass beds, submerged timber or any other kind of thick cover this fly will slide right through. This is the fly that the Trespasser series of flies is based on. It took over 2 years and hundreds of flies tied to get this fly to do exactly what it is designed to do, get in thick cover and hook big bass!

Heavy cover isn’t the only place this fly shines though, the marabou shroud on this fly creates a lifelike action even when at rest. The placement of the eyes and “snout” gives you the ability to make the fly dart from side to side in a “walk the dog” action which has proven to be deadly at enticing bass to strike. Work it fast or work it s-l-o-w, just work it baby and get in on the hottest new action in topwater bass fishing.

Choose from the 6 standard colors or let me customize a few for your local water.
Standard Colors     $6.25 each
Customized Colors
Contact me to discuss creating custom color combinations for your home waters. I can create anything you can dream up.
Custom colors are $7.50 - $8.50 each based on quantity of the same color/s.